Timing and Standards

47 Mile Route

  Gold Silver Bronze
Men Inside 2hrs 50mins Inside 3hrs 20mins Inside 4hrs 10mins
Women Inside 3hrs 15mins Inside 3hrs 50mins Inside 4hrs 30mins

84 Mile Route

  Gold Silver Bronze
Men Inside 5hrs Inside 5hrs 45mins Inside 6hrs 30mins
Women Inside 5hrs 30mins Inside 6hrs 25mins Inside 7hrs 15mins

All finishing times beyond those listed in the tables above will be listed as 'finisher' - which is no mean feat! The Meon Valley is a hilly part of England and provides some challenging terrain. Why do you think it's called the Riser?!

Don't worry if you do not finish within any of these time zones. The Riser isn't a race, but a personal challenge for each rider. These standards are set as a guide to what can be achieved.